Admission Form and Information Brochure for admission to Class V to Class VIII (For English Medium, Class V to VII) will be available from the School-Office (Panchasayar Siksha Niketan) on and from 7th September ,2017.


On behalf of our entire staff, its a pleasure to welcome you to Panchasayar Siksha Niketan(H.S.). Celebrating silverjubilee, we have begun to reap the harvests of the hard work, foresight and commitment of our founding fathers. The splendid performance of our students in recent year’s board exams bears testimony to this fact. I thank all the associates, alumni and well wishers of Panchasayar without whose love we could not have won such accolades. As a school, we provide an education which is respectful to the roots on one hand and fit to the demands of time on the other, an education which is communicated more and taught less. I hereby commit my best to continue igniting the flames of passionate learning in the minds of our young educands, for we ,the Indians fervently believe in the age old Sanskrit Slôka:


Vidyā dadati vinayam,
Vinaya dadati paatrataam,
paatratva dhanamaapnoti,
dhanaat dharmam tatatsukham


 [Education gives Humility, 

Humility gives Character, 

from character one gets wealth, 

from wealth one gets righteousness,

in righteousness there is joy]