The Panchasayar Education Society         

                     Regd. Office: 'V' Block, Panchasayar , Kolkata-700094    

                            (Panchasayar Siksha Niketan School Building )

                                   Regd No  S/68377 of 1991-92 


                Ref. No- PES/TENDER/07/19                                              Date 10-01-2019     

                                       TENDER NOTICE       

  Sealed quotation is invited to-erect pandel for our Annual Social function as per specification given below.     

                 (1) Total stage area 30' x25'

            (2) Total pandel area 140'x38' (including stage)

            (3) Guest Chair - 16 nos

            (4) PBC Chair - 800 nos


      Further details may be had from office of the school.

   Last date for submission of the Tender 18-01-2019 up to 4.00 P.M

   Opening of Tender 21-01-2019 at 12:00 P.M

   Work should be completed within 8 days from the date of giving order.       



            Prabir Dey Sarkar


        The Panchasayar Education Society